Lady Zen is an internationally known lyric poet who creates dynamic music and art as a director, performance artist and vocalist. Possessing the powerful vocal agility of a Mezzo-Soprano, Lady Zen combines the emotive tones of Jazz; the soul stirring power of Gospel; the drama and pageantry of Opera; and the swagger of Brazilian Samba. Her works seamlessly blends visual art forms with formal poetry and music composition. Born Alzenira Santos Amaral de Quezada, she has been performing since the age of 7, receiving a Fulbright Scholarship for Opera, and numerous awards for her vocal ability. She holds A B.A. in Music Business Management, and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. Currently, Lady Zen is producing a album to be released in March 2019, and she is writing a book titled ‘The Creative Executive’s Handbook’, to be published in early 2019.